Love the brush.

I’ve had about two weeks and I can already see a difference in my beard, it looks and feels better. My beard was already straight but this brush is taking it and my grooming to a whole Notha Level. The bristles are stiff enough to train my beard hairs and exfoliate my skin. I use it in the shower and every morning after putting on my beard oil or balm. Stop playing and get the brush! FrFr

Sean B.

This soap is absolutely EXCELLENT.

I feel so clean and moisturized, and not only that, I can safely use this on my hair without it drying out. I’ve tried shampoos and every time my hair is dryer than the Sahara desert. I lathered this on there and got a clean I couldn’t even believe. I used this on my face as well, and it didn’t dry it out, nor did I have to use it multiple times to achieve an actual result. Definitely will be purchasing this over store brand.

Ravyne Dade

I have been using this comb for about a week now.

Best! Comb I have ever used. Detangles nicely, adds shine, no frizz, no static, and feels very comfortable in my hand. Quality of this product is unique, very solid, beautiful design. Craftsmanship is out standing! Thank you for putting so much time into these beautiful combs and products. This is the only comb for me!

Sheri Haydock

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