Good day. Good day. Good day. What's up folks? So, I just wanted to show you real quick our new handled sisal hairbrush, it's a little vegan and kosher, not made from boar hair and whatnot. I wanted to show you that real quick while I'm using it on my beard. One of the important things I like about using a brush on my beard, is more so the way it exfoliates the skin underneath.

Now, does it lay the hairs down beautifully? Yes. Does my beard snatch as they would say or as the kids would say? Yes, it looks fantastic, a nice glisten to it. But, these bristles are doing an amazing job of making their way all the way down to the skin. And, that's the important part because we don't exfoliate our beard hair enough, the skin underneath needs to be exfoliated. That's a good way to get rid of hair bumps, ingrown hairs, and stuff like that. You don't want any eczema underneath because you got to exfoliate, get rid of all that dead skin, no flaky beard, all of that stuff.

And, one of the things, when it comes to a boar hair brush, I found out that if you use a boar hair brush when your hair is wet, it can cause a lot of split ends. This doesn't have that case. So, you'll be good using this on a nice wet beard, which I like to do. I don't really dry brush my beard that often, I like to keep it moist. But, when I do dry brush my beard, I do it more so to just exfoliate. So, right here's a bit of wet and a little bit of dry, so the brush is dry, my face is wet. But, as you can see there, there's a nice lay, a nice glisten.

I going to hit the underpart as well. That part right there really irritates the hell out of me, simply because that's the part that rubs against stuff all the time. So, I'm using that just to make sure I'm getting any of those dead skin cells out of the way, getting rid of all that. So, gone, gone, and gone.

Then we'll come back and lay in one more time. This is more for styling purposes just to make the beard down, straight, looking very aggressively, aqua manny, I want to keep it down, smooth, streamlined. And, yeah, I'm just hitting that right there. Then what I'm going to do is I'm going to start doing in my face. So, do a little dry brush on the face, get rid of any dry skin I have. So, just woke up, so I woke up like this. And, yeah, just keep brushing, brushing, brushing.

So, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, leave them in the comments below. Thank you so much. Do me a solid favor, if you're watching this on YouTube, subscribe to the channel. It actually helps. It helps me out. It buys me that coffee. I don't really drink coffee, I'm lying. I use it for tea money, really, low-budget strip club money, the Monday group. So, thank you all so much for helping me keep my strippers intact. All right. See ya.

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